Viviana Debicki lives and works in Buenos Aires. She uses a wide range of techniques, encompassing textiles, photography and sculpture. Her work is drawn from and inspired by subjects that range from violence against women, gender stereotypes to immigration. Viviana inquires into traditional projected roles of women’s domestic crafts, as well as the use of expression related to a woman’s place in a male dominated society. Her work has been presented widely in Buenos Aires and throughout Argentina, as Centro Cultural Recoleta (2009), Centro Cultural Paco Urondo (2017). Her series of works “Nenas en Rosa” (‘Girls in Pink’) and “Celeste aunque le cuesta” in the Museo de la Mujer in Buenos Aires (2014) explores stereotypes in gender acquired since childhood. She participated in  “Dialogo entre ambas orillas” organised by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She was awarded first prize in the Salon Internacional de Libros de Artista de Mostoles, Spain.