art ubicua

A project comprising music, film, dance, performance and a series of art installations inspired by encounters between people in major cities.

Our work moves between the excitement and challenges of urban life; a journey through the city and its people, who are constantly re-creating their lives.

By interacting within and across cultures and disciplines, Art Ubicua’s artists seek to give form and meaning to a new shared space – a fertile arena for multiplying possibilities for new artistic experiences and understanding ways of being together.

Art Ubicua is the new development arising out of the Transtango project, which started in 2006: a multi-disciplinary performance that began as a group of artists curated by Patricia Bossio to come together to explore the theme of Urban Encounters and migration.

The Transtango concerts have invariably sold out London venues such as King’s Place, the British Library, Bloomsbury Theatre as well as at the Aldeburgh Festival, Birmingham CBSO, Salisbury Festival and others (funded by Arts Council of England).